What is CertifiedPro.net?

CertifiedPro.net is a web based outbound Certified Mail Management System designed specifically for users at the desktop level. Each user has universal desktop access from anywhere in the world by logging onto Certifiedpro.net.

Web Based

Web Based

A full-featured,
web-based, outbound Certified Mail Management System

Low-to-mid Volume

Low-to-Mid Volume

Designed specifically for customers with low-to-mid volumes

Access from anywhere, 24/7

All-In-One Tool

Manage all Certified Mail activities right from your desktop

What Features CertifiedPro.net offer?

Each user will register themselves online at www.certifiedpro.net and create their own user ID and password. Once the user is created, they will have immediate access to Walz CertifiedPro software. Access to the software will provide the user with the ability to print their Certified Mail transaction on Walz Certified Mail Form # 45663NB and the option to send their Certified Mail with or without Return Receipt service. If the user opts for Return Receipt service, they can choose to have their Return Receipts delivered either traditionally (“Green Card”) or electronically (RRE).

With Return Receipt Electronic (RRE), the recipient’s signature is collected and stored digitally. Unlike green cards, they cannot be “lost”. You can print the digital receipt when needed, access it anytime you would like for up to seven years directly from Certifiedpro.net. Walz has introduced a new value-added service for USPS electronic return receipts, which is proven to deliver significant cost savings and productivity increases. RRE for Certified Mail is USPS-approved and cost $2.32, which is $1.33 less per mail piece than traditional hardcopy return receipts. Walz CertifiedPro software allows you to track your piece of mail through the mail stream giving you access to all USPS mailpiece lifecycle data and Return Receipt signatures online in batch or transactional format at the click of a button.

Each user will have access to Walz CertifiedPro which provides 24/7/365 access to Certified Mail mailpiece data, all from a single login. Users can create single transaction records by copying and pasting an address block into Walz CertifiedPro software or by selecting a record from their address book. To obtain live delivery-confirm data, users can use their own reference number (i.e. matter #, account #, loan #, case #, etc…) to quickly view information from a single screen, right from their desktop. Additionally, each user will receive a fully automatic delivery confirmation email and, if they choose Return Receipt Electronic, a separate email notifying them of RRE signature records that are available for retrieval by logging on to www.certifiedpro.net.

In addition to the services provided above, users also have the ability to choose a selectable email address for RRE delivery, pick from a list of other notification services, and view comprehensive mail event data (Delivered, Returned, Refused, etc…). Further, CertifiedPro.net offers companies the ability to assign up to three different administrators. Essentially, all the users will have the same access but the administrator will have access to all enterprise data captured by Walz CertifiedPro, therefore permitting them to monitor user activity and run reports. This will yield greater visibility into live mail event data across all departments or user groups.