Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I consider using
A: is a full-cycle Mail Management System designed for users at the desktop level to the mail room. The software allows for printing Certified Mail and Priority Mail transactions in less than 30 seconds as opposed to handwriting and manually processing mailings that typically takes 5-7 minutes per letter. Our software also provides access to a USPS Firm Mailing Book (for obtaining “round dated stamp” used as proof of mailing), comprehensive mail tracking data and acts as a central repository for electronic signature files. also easily unlocks valuable USPS discounts like Return Receipt Electronic (RRE), which saves the user $1.33 per piece in postage as opposed to the traditional Return Receipt. Priority Mail letters are sent in a custom USPS Flat Rate envelope that holds up to 130 pages and provides optional Certified Mail and Signature Delivery Confirmation add-on services.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Priority Mail transactions can be generated and prepared for as little as $0.25 per transaction. Creating Certified Mail transactions using WALZ mailer forms or envelopes range between $0.45 - $0.80 per transaction (depending on volume). WALZ compatible forms and envelopes are sold in quantities of 250 and includes access to the advanced reporting and mail management features available with

Q: What is Return Receipt Electronic (RRE) and how does it compare to the Traditional Return Receipt “Green Card”?
A: With Return Receipt Electronic (RRE), the recipient’s signature is collected and stored digitally. Walz offers a value-added service for USPS electronic return receipts, which is proven to deliver significant cost savings and productivity increases. RRE for Certified Mail is USPS-approved and cost $2.32, which is $1.33 less per mail piece than traditional hardcopy return receipts. Walz software allows you to track your mailing through the mail stream giving you access to all USPS mail piece lifecycle data and Return Receipt signatures online in batch or transactional format at the click of a button.

Q: I don’t send that much Certified Mail; is the solution for me?
A: Whether you send a few mailings a month or fifty thousand pieces of mail per year, you will recognize an immediate savings not only in labor but in postage alone – regardless of your annual mail volume. When sending non-Certified critical business mail, Priority Mail is a reliable express delivery service with significant cost and efficiency savings over competitors like UPS and FedEx.

Q: Can I send Priority Mail and obtain a delivery signature?
A: Yes, you can. When sending Certified Mail over 13 ounces, Priority Mail is required. You can choose to receive an electronic copy of the delivery recipient signature. Priority Mail service can also be used for sending non-Certified critical business mail, that includes tracking and delivery confirmation (optional Signature Confirmation service available).

Q: I need a physical Return Receipt, should I use Walz Traditional Return Receipt or (RRE) Service?
A: Consult your legal department before choosing which service to use. By accessing, you can print the digital receipt (RRE) when needed and access it anytime you would like for up to seven (7) years directly from Unlike green cards, they cannot be “lost” and you will have complete accountability for each mail piece.

Q: How do I get started?
A: It’s just a phone call away; once you complete your free online registration, contact a Walz Customer Service Representative today at 800-381-3811 and place an initial order for Walz Mailer Forms or Envelopes (minimum order of 250). A private 15-minute Quick Start Tour is available upon request.

Q: How do I enable the PDF preview of forms?
A: Ensure your browser is enabled to view pop-ups from This enables the PDF preview to display and be printed. Adobe Reader must be installed on your PC to preview the form. If you do not have Adobe Reader installed on your PC, click the link to Get Adobe Reader.